This article talks about the censorship issue in China’s social media Weibo.
In Weibo, people seem free to express their opinions in the platform. However, what people are allowed to say are limited. The most simple reason is, the government are afraid of Weibo being a cause of social movement.
Actually, from my personal opinion, the role of social media really depends on people.
First, social media makes people’s communication more convenient. One of the most typical case is Justin Timberlake posting twitter saying he would be in one club and first 150 people would get free admission. This twitter caused more than a thousand people coming. This shows the motivation of social media. Of course, China’s government does not want this kind of leader to appear.
Second, although government applies censorship to Weibo, there are still a lot of social movements happening. Thus, Weibo is an important platform for people to acquire information but not the only platform.
Third, even in the censored Weibo, people can also use different ways of expression to have their sensitive information expressed. This shows one of the character of China’s users, that is, they are smart and they can get their ideas expressed without being censored.
Thus, it is clear, China’s censorship of Weibo may seem effective to prevent social movement, it is not an effective way to clearly eliminate this phenomenon.

My question is, is censorship really help? Will it fail in the end?



  1. I won’t say that censorship is the best way, as censorship is not a radical cure to existing social problems in China. But censorship is helpful in stopping “inaccurate” messages from spreading around among the public. I think some people quit Weibo no only because of government censorship. As a Weibo user myself, I find that Weibo is becoming a platform where people posting complaints and argue with others about social problems irrationally. It’s chaos. I cannot get many positive energy there. That’s the main reason why I began to lose interest for Weibo.

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