2014 SOCIAL MEDIA PREDICTIONS -who will be the winners and losers?


Will Facebook and Twitter still be the running force of social media for 2014?  Will there be new players?  Who will fall off the charts?  These seem to be the questions going around in the social media world in the beginning of 2014.  The article by Forbes Magazine makes 7 major predictions for 2014 social media market.  Some of them, are expected but some are surprises.  For example

Google+ will be one of the major competitors for Facebook and twitter.  Its predicted that people will move towards having a media outlet “one fits all” mentality and will opt towards Google+.  Another surprise will be MySpace, as the company has rebranded itself and is expected to make a huge comeback.  My questions to you would be:

1. With Googe+ growing (400million users) how will it impact its market share?  Also knowing this, if you don’t have Google+ will you be joining Google+ in the near future?

2. If MySpace does make a comeback, will this set a pattern for possibly other forgotten social media outlets to make a comeback as well?

3. Thoughts on the decline number of Four Square users and the expand of short video contents


2 thoughts on “2014 SOCIAL MEDIA PREDICTIONS -who will be the winners and losers?

  1. I think that Myspace and Google+ will have a hard time being a major competitor for FB and Twitter. Myspace has indefinitely lost the “cool” factor, and unless it offers a new fresh feature, it would basically be like Facebook without the user base. I don’t see how Myspace can rebrand itself at this point. It stood a chance with Facebook was only a network for college students, but not now. Google + is the same thing – I wonder how they are planning to rebrand to make it desirable to anyone other than Google Employees.

  2. While Google+ may not be useful for Facebook-type purposes, anyone who signs up for YouTube will be forced to create a Google account. It is not always clear that a user is signing up for a Google account, said user automatically acquires a Google+ page. The membership may be up, but the activity is down. With regard to MySpace…let’s just say that’s so 2006. Foursquare could have a better opportunity to gain both users and activity, as it can be linked with both Facebook and Twitter.

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