Real Life Lost – Let’s Get Social About It

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The whole word has been baffled recently by the disappearance of Malaysia Arline flight 370. Many people are referring to it as the real life Lost as the plane has disappeared and no one knows where in the world it can be. Recently (and not shockingly) Malaysia Airlines’ social media accounts have grown exponentially with the past few weeks. According to TNOOZ, the airline has begun using the hashtag #MASalert in order to update people about the missing airplane. In a day and age when everything is on the internet and all news is sharable, many people are not surprised that the airline has taken this tack. However, many other people believe that this is in bad taste and the families deserve much more respect. What do you think? Is the airline handling the situation correctly by continuing to talk about the tragic flight or should they just leave…

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4 thoughts on “Real Life Lost – Let’s Get Social About It

  1. I think that social media is a very useful tool for broadcasting updates on the missing flight. Users are turning less to television and more to Twitter to get their news – Twitter allows for up-to-the-minute updates, and hashtags allow for users to click once on a trending topic to filter such relevant updates. I can understand the digital immigrant generation feeling as though social media is disrespecting the incident – it is not the medium through which that generation is used to getting the news, and I can imagine that many digital immigrants think of Twitter solely as a medium where young people communicate (similar to Snapchat or WhatsApp – they are not clear as to the limitations of Public Social vs Dark Social). While I understand their sentiment, I still find Twitter very useful for such updates.

  2. I understand where the families are coming from and I hope the airline is contacting those individuals privately and not utilizing social media to speak with them. In addition, I understand how an older generation may perceive social media as crass or rude in this type of a situation. At the same time, however, this is the age of technology, where people are consuming news and information exceedingly quickly. Some people only consume news and information via social media sites. Social media makes sense, in terms of publishing information and obtaining information. Why shouldn’t the airline utilize social media to spread information and communicate with people? I just think that they should be doing both.

  3. I myself keep track of the missing plane’s whereabouts (or lack thereof) via social media. The updates are very easy to track with the use of keywords or hashtags and it comes in a lot faster than cable or print news.

    However, I do agree with the previous two posts in that digital immigrants may find this kind of news-sharing to be somewhat inappropriate especially with something as sensitive as this. While news via social media is extremely convenient and timely, it also seems like a very ‘casual’ way to get updates as it is often associated with the younger generation. Nevertheless, social media appears to be most useful way to keep track of current events (especially events like this!), and it is up to Malaysia Airlines to deliver this kind information to concerned families and the rest of the world in the best way possible.

    P.S. There is a bit of news making its way around social – Someone put out an ad for the missing plane on Craigslist! 😐

  4. I got all the news and updates about the missing plane from Weibo–Chinese Twitter. Weibo is also my daily news channel, which could offer me the most important daily news in a quick and simple way (I don’t need a dress-up journalist giving me a long speech in front TV). So I think it’s ok that Malaysia Arline update news on Facebook and Twitter as a supplement for TV news and newspaper. But they should be careful with how they write the posting, which should be a formal and serious tone, showing their respect for lost people and care for those concerned families. They should also choose carefully about which kind of information they could post and which couldn’t. Or they should release the updating first through traditional media like the press release on TV and then post the news on social media as a supplement.

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