How To Hunt for a Job Using Social Media


This article details how one might use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Pinterest to find a job. LinkedIn seems a bit obvious, as it is almost a form of social media for the professional world (though it is attempting to move away from just gearing towards business). As for Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest, one common concern is that a prospective employee’s personal digital footprint might now coincide with how they might want to be viewed professionally.

I would like to pose the following two questions to the class:

1) Would you ever use your social media platforms to search for and apply to a job opportunity?
2) If yes, would you have to change the current content to appear more professional, or highlight accomplishments or qualifications in a different way?


5 thoughts on “How To Hunt for a Job Using Social Media

  1. Social media may be especially useful when searching for social media related jobs. If a company wants to test if applicants can utilize social media, what better method than to see if they can actually utilize it to find an application or a job listing?

  2. I think this is an interesting concept and a good article. I also agree with the other comment that social media is a good place to look for social media jobs. However, In other sectors i dont think it would be as useful. I personally dont think it would do me any good to post my resume on my social media platforms, except to ask a few friends to personally recommend me. But i dont think it hurts to post your resume everywhere and get as much exposure as possible.

  3. I agree with mgd – it’s really relative to the job. In ad / digital media industries they often encourage you to share your digital life. In financial services, we are often blocked from using them at work. In my past experience, our compliance even blocked us from using Linkedin. Either way, I am sure one thing we can all agree on is each of us know how to edit privacy settings on facebook.

  4. I also definitely agree that if you look for a job within social media, the chances are pretty high to find one. However, in the finance sector I have to disagree. Even though, the company I worked for banned all social media platforms, it is a question that comes up really often during a job interview. My computer was banning all the internet websites, as well as social media platforms, but a lot of my colleagues told me that they had a question during their interview, if they feel advanced with the usage of social media. Personally, I think that they will introduce some kind of social media in the future, because it became a crucial thing in our life.

  5. I would like to use social media platform to find a job. For example, I found my current internship by using Weibo. I think using social media to find a job is like networking to some extent. It cannot replace the traditional way we look for job, but it’s a good supplement. For resume, I will keep it short and brief, highlight my strong points, as people read fast on social media. I need something to catch their attention in seconds.

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