Is your social media footprint ready for an interview?

Social media is affecting everything we do. How we communicate with friends, how we follow the news, how companies market and support products and now how we look for jobs. This article emphasizes the discussion on getting a job through social media. Many people still see the segregation between social media sites and how some are used for friends (Facebook) and some are used for professional reasons (LinkedIn). This article discusses the possibility of getting a job because of what you post on social media.
Does this mean you need to monitor everything that you do and have a sensor on all social media posts? Does this mean you are constantly on a job interview? It just might. This potential reality highlights the need to future proof your social media footprint. You might not be looking for a job today, but your next job search or even job offer might be because of your likes, interests and posts on Facebook or twitter.

Are you ready for employers to hire you based on your social footprint?

Is that good or bad for your future?


One thought on “Is your social media footprint ready for an interview?

  1. I have always been very conservative with my digital footprint. I don’t post much on Facebook or LinkedIn, but I do log in to see what others are up to. While I am confident that my Facebook profile would not harm my prospects of getting a job, I wonder if my LinkedIn profile might be too sparse to help me get one!

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