The Rising Importance of Groups at Facebook

facebook_groups_discovery_610x404The latest development at Facebook is the possible release of a new application aimed at smaller subsets of Facebook members in private Groups. The app will allow such Groups to communicate privately, away from public newsfeed and timeline spaces.

For the moment, executives at Facebook are drawing attention to Groups and starting rumors of a possible release not to create excitement among users, but advertisers. With Groups advertisers who would be able to target small segments of like-minded people with similar interests, “likes,” and group affiliations. This would greatly simplify how to reach certain audiences among Facebook’s millions of users for advertisers.

Currently ads are not targeted toward Groups, so this would be a new opportunity for advertisers, if Facebook decided to offer it. Do you think this is a good move for Facebook strategically? Will it add to their bottom line and create value for advertisers?

Would you use the Groups feature or app?


3 thoughts on “The Rising Importance of Groups at Facebook

  1. I have to say that I do not really utilize groups on Facebook. I joined a group at the request of a professor and started receiving constant emails from the group. In order to stop receiving these emails, I had to change my settings for the group. However after getting bombarded with information from the group, I doubt I will join other groups in the future. I feel as though advertisements for these groups may have a similar effect. It may help facebook’s bottom line at first, but the key is retention. Facebook will need to keep these individuals who join groups to stay connected to these groups and not be turned off by the advertisements.

  2. In 2008, Facebook introduced Pages, primarily for businesses, brands, organizations, etc. to control their presence on the network.

    Prior to Pages, Facebook heavily relied on Groups. I remember users being annoyed when their groups were automatically transferred into Pages. Groups never disappeared, but the focus turned to Pages.

    It’s interesting that Facebook would return focus to Groups – possibly as a result of users’ interest in private social.

  3. Since everyone is on social media today, people tend to use private social. They want to talk only with their friends or people they know, rather than the whole public. So Facebook Groups may be a good idea. I use the group feature on WeChat. Because when I post some photos, I only want to a close group of friends see it, even though all the people in my WeChat account are my friends. Marketing based on groups may also be a smart idea, because it’s more focused than marketing to all people.

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