How keeping it real led to 91% of people watching a pre-roll ad

The “skip” button has become an expectation on YouTube.  For the most part, marketers have yet to figure out how to engage viewers and pretty much just put the same ad they use for other media in social media sites.  Ads tend to be 10-14 seconds with too much information, and to a viewer, that seems like a lifetime.  Thankfully, the “skip” button has come to the rescue after you spend the first 5 seconds waiting. 

Eats24 kept it “real” with its ad on YouTube by putting up a quick message with their Twitter handle and encouraged viewers to click the skip button. 

As a result, the response was much greater than they expected:

  • 91% of people completed the entire ad – on average only 53% of ads are completed
  • 7.1% Click-Through Rate (blowing all Eat24’s other ads out of the water)
  • Eat24 averaged about 75% more downloads during the weeks the campaign was running

 This was a great move for Eats24, because they tried to connect with viewers, showing they understood the feeling of ads on YouTube.  It led to more thousands more orders and more conversations about Eats24. 

What can other companies learn from Eats24 and what does the future look like for ads on social media?  Why spend so much money on ads on social media sites if it gets skipped anyways?



4 thoughts on “How keeping it real led to 91% of people watching a pre-roll ad

  1. It is interesting to find the number of people who complete or click on preroll ads is pretty small. Company, like Eat 24 may take the advantage of the such human psychology to build brand awareness.

  2. This user knew how to appeal to the user, and understands the agitation that comes with waiting for the “skip button to appear. In addition, people will generally do the opposite of what they are told. The user said not to watch the whole ad – naturally, a viewer will want to see just why the user said not to watch the whole ad.

  3. Much like on mobile, when you only have a second or two to peak the reader or viewer’s interest, you have to make that impression strong. By sympathizing with the reader about how undesirable these ads are, and giving a choice to watch or not, i think it peaked interest of more people that usual. Great move for Eat 24 – and they did this without having to discount their services or offer a promotion like seamless and do all the time.

  4. Very cool and smart ad idea. Eats 24 showed that they real understand their customers and did the opposite as other brands usually do when they post an ad. When customers find some unusual, they would like to stop and see what will happen. Try to be different!

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