Puerto Rico utilizes LinkedIn and Twitter to help stimulate economic progress


The Forbes article, Puerto Rico Harnesses LinkedIn To Build Entrepreneurial Hub That Drives Economic Progress, explains how other countries were utilizing social media to improve their own economies. Puerto Rico is experiencing an economic crisis that is getting progressively worse as Puerto Rican’s are seeking employment in the United States, rather than on the island. These highly educated, skilled, bilingual young professionals are fleeing the island and finding better opportunities in the United States. In an effort to try and deter these young professionals from leaving the island, Puerto Rico is utilizing LinkedIn and Twitter to try and entice them to stay. The government believed that utilizing a normal website would not reach the young professionals in a meaningful way. Therefore, they have turned to social media to create a network of talent and opportunities.

I think Puerto Rico utilizing LinkedIn as a way to communicate with the young professionals is an excellent idea. More people are utilizing social media as a way to communicate and connect with each other. It is a smart move for a government, who is trying to connect with these people, to move to social media as well. Although it is innovative and appears to be smart, I just hope that this method works.

Do you think this will work? What are some other ways Puerto Rico can utilize social media to try and retain their young professionals?

Forbes article http://www.forbes.com/sites/rahimkanani/2014/02/12/puerto-rico-harnesses-linkedin-to-build-entrepreneurial-hub-that-drives-economic-progress/


2 thoughts on “Puerto Rico utilizes LinkedIn and Twitter to help stimulate economic progress

  1. Using Linkedin shows that the country is trying to move forward and recognizes some disconnect in how young professionals are viewing the opportunities available in Puerto Rico. It’s a great because these young professionals are already probably using Linkedin to make contact with US recruiters for jobs. The idea that the country would use Linkedin as a central hub can also be beneficial, they are using an existing platform for their own recruiting. The country can use all social media platforms and make sure they are listed on the Linkedin page to send out news, updates, and opportunities. Obviously, FB and Twitter are two that the country can easily get started on in addition to Linkedin.

  2. It’s smart that Puerto Rico government keep up with the changes brought by social media. I think it’s helpful, because by using LinkedIn and Twitter, Puerto Rico government can better reach, connect and communicate with young professionals and potential entrepreneurs. Maybe it cannot solve the economic crisis, at least it can ease the pain. Puerto Rico government can do a social media campaign, creating events and posting positive news on social media to inform, educate and convince the young professionals and potential entrepreneurs that Puerto Rico is a good choice for business and work, changing the old image of Puerto Rico.

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