Who is the winner of online Super Bowl Contest, Facebook or Twitter?


During the Super Bowl, the two social media networks—-Facebook and Twitter are competing to be the platform of choice for fans to comment on big plays, halftime show and the commercials.

Twitter has been the “second-screen” leader for years. This 140-character message platform is chatty. Compared to Facebook, Twitter is a better place for real-time conversation, discussing events just happened.

But Facebook is catching up quickly. It began displaying trending topics on the right side of the home page, which is a feature Twitter has on the left. Facebook also introduced “hashtags” that is another feature of Twitter, used to keep track of viral conversations. During the Super Bowl, Facebook cooperated with Fox Sport, which is airing the game, to showcase pre-game chatter from Facebook and Instagram users alongside typical game stats. While Twitter didn’t fall behind, it also teamed up with NFL, which tweet content including game footage before and after the game.

The Super Bowl has become another contest between Twitter and Facebook. Who is the winner? This article tells you the answer. It also shared some idea of the reason. What’s your experience with Twitter or Facebook during the Super Bowl? Which platform do you think is better for discussing Super Bowl games and commercials? Why?


One thought on “Who is the winner of online Super Bowl Contest, Facebook or Twitter?

  1. Even though Facebook is attempting to add a Twitter-like trending feature to its newsfeed, it fails to gain the necessary momentum to make it successful. Twitter is a real-time communication tool, whereas Facebook is not always updated in real-time by its users. Twitter’s main selling point is that it is an easy way to instantly communicate with the masses. As outlined in this article, corporations are commenting on other corporation’s tweets in real-time. The tweets become almost comical when this occurs. I believe twitter is still the clear winner of instant social media communication. I believe that facebook’s efforts are admirable, but may not really catch on because twitter is already a dominant figure in this area of social media.

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