Posting Your Religion Online Could Cost You That Job

This article discusses how many employers are using social media to find out information about candidates that legally they aren’t allowed to ask in interviews. It highlights specifically how the research didn’t show a disparity in interview opportunities for potential candidates that discloses their sexual orientation. However the potential candidates that identified themselves as Muslim were contacted less frequently for interviews. It sparks the conversation in my eyes of whether someone that chooses not to disclose their religion on social media should be viewed as less observant, if they are doing so based on legitimate concerns of being discriminated against? 

1. Is the religion that you practice information you publish on your social media page(s)?

2. Would you want to work for an employer if you knew that you would not have been hired if the employer knew your religion?


3 thoughts on “Posting Your Religion Online Could Cost You That Job

  1. First, I will not publish the religion on my social media pages.
    Second, I would rather not to work the employer if he/she will make the decision of hiring a new employee with the prejudice of the religion. Different persons have their own preference of religion and their right to disclose that and trust in. People who hire in a well-reputed will never make a judge on the different religion and ideolog.

  2. 1) I do not publish my religion on social media pages. While my religion is important to me, it’s not a critical part of my identity. I choose to share other, more important information on my pages including the organizations I’m apart of and the schools I’ve attended. Although I don’t publish my religion, I feel strongly that people should if they feel it’s of great importance to their lives. I was sad, however, to read this article about job discrimination against people of certain religions but I honestly wasn’t all that surprised by the negative reaction to Muslim people. Many people are still fearful of Muslim people and I hope with time that fear will disappear.

    2) No, I wouldn’t want to work for an employer if I found out they were discriminating against me because of my religion. My religion is just one part of my life and if someone is against my religion that that’s there choice however, they should evaluate me against other criteria such as past job performance, awards, leaderships positions etc.

  3. 1) My religion is not posted on my social media page.

    2) I would not work for a company in which my religion was discriminated against.

    It is essential to monitor what one is posting on social media, as it can impact your future. Individuals form judgments on what they see. Often times this is a subconscious judgement. Nonetheless, it could negatively impact a decision.

    I believe individuals should be able to express themselves (in a positive light) if they want to and shouldn’t be discriminated in doing so. However, this does not seem to be the case.

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