FAA Sets New Standards for Electronics on Planes

In case you haven’t heard–on 10/31, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) announced that airplane travelers will soon be able to use electronic devices throughout their entire flight, not just at 10,000 feet and above. (Though this excludes talking on the phone).  Before securing FAA’s blessing, airline carriers must first prove that travelers on their airplanes are using electronics in the safe “airplane mode” from the departure gate through the arrival gate.

This article from TechCrunch named JetBlue and Delta as the first airlines to jump on this opportunity, as they immediately filed plans with the FAA.  And according to this article, by November 7th, JetBlue, Delta, US Airways and United had all secured the proper approvals to allow electronic device usage below 10,000 feet.

What interested me from a social perspective was the post JetBlue tweeted on November 3rd: “Electronics can now stay on gate-to-gate! Share your travel photos from #below10kfeet at http://bit.ly/JBSoFly  pic.twitter.com/3RU44duKRP

1. Do you think this is a breakthrough for the airline industry from a social engagement standpoint?

2.  With the ability for passengers to use electronics during flight, do you think it will create the need for airlines to grow their social media management divisions?


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