7 Ways to Be Insufferable on Facebook


Actually, sometimes I really hate some posts from my friends on facebook, such as one of my friends are always posting she and her boyfriends intimate pictures, included kissing, hugging, travelling and eating until these photos are full of my screen.

Another friend likes showing her new luxury bags, shoes, cars and check-in luxury hotels. I also have a friend who last posting her birthday photos with different persons in her birthday month. Actually, she had four birthday parties and five birthday cakes in that month.

But I have to say this author is so mean. Clearly declares 99.99 percent of those who, if any, makes a post on facebook is a annoying type of person. In my opinion, sharing my new job, some thoughts and some interesting things is really normal. What I hate is always posting!

What is the most insufferable on facebook in your opinion?

How would you deal with these insufferable status?


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