Home Depot Responds to “Racist” Tweet

This isn’t my normal week to post but as this is happening in real-time I feel this is super appropriate for our class and how our discussions have been going each week.

Here is a link from Business Insider with a good overview of a situation and the response that is currently happening with the Home Depot.



Basically, the agency who runs the Home Depot account tweeted an image with a question in order to garner engagement and conversation amongst is 160,000+ followers. The image was taken to be offensive and the backlash on social was immediate.


Read the article yourself. What is your take on the situation. Was it an intentionally “racist” post seeing the past posts? How about the Home Depot’s response? Was it correct, heavy handed or just right?


3 thoughts on “Home Depot Responds to “Racist” Tweet

  1. From what I read, Home Depot had been running this add with a lot of college student mascots, so this was one of many animals. The image posting was very irresponsible, but I don’t think it was intentional. Home Depot’s response was correct whether intentional or irresponsible, the behavior shouldn’t be tolerated.

  2. I didn’t find the photo and post to be intentionally racist by the Home Depot. I agree with John’s reply about that because Home Depot’s used this type of post in the past incorporating other team mascots, I think this was simply an extension using a different animal. Home Depot’s agency was naive and quick to post the image, however, and should have considered the racist twist. Good for them to fire the agency. That move shows their understanding of the sensitivities surrounding this incident.

  3. Intentional or not, I find this tweet to be extremely racist. Based on Home Depot’s response and many apologies, I think that the company found the tweet to be very racist as well. I think this whole ordeal shows how new social media platforms are and how companies are still trying to find their way. Companies have to trust their hired agencies to not only be creative/able to come up with clever copy, but also be educated on social nuances/have good judgment.

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