The New Personality Test?

This article showcases a study that was conducted by PLOS One and analyzed by University of Pennsylvania researchers that focused on human personality.  The subjects were 75,000 volunteers Facebook status updated coupled with a Facebook application questionnaire.

Using over 700 million captured words, phrases and topics, computer models were able to predict the participants’ age, gender and their questionnaire answers.  Also, show in the article are word clouds that show, by demographic, the most popular words, phrases, and topics.

The word cloud breakdowns showcased include: Extraversion, Neuroticism, 13- 18, 23 – 29, 30 – 65 (35 years seems like a large pool to pull data from, compare to the others that are 5-6 years), Female, and Male.

How accurate do you think the word clouds are of you and your friends’/family’s respective demographics?

Some people are inclined to portray as what they deem as the best possible view of themselves and their life on Facebook.  Do you think the practice influenced this study?

Many companies request personality assessment tests as part of the hiring process and more companies are beginning to look at social media during the hiring process.  Do you think that they would consider adopting this technology as another method of personality assessment?




One thought on “The New Personality Test?

  1. The breakdown by age seems more accurate to me.

    They may use this technology as part of personality assessment, but I think they should be aware that lack of presence on facebook doesn’t necessarily mean lack of personality.

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