Will You Subscribe to YouTube?


YouTube is looking to enhance by offering a subscription service to users. The new service will offer both free and premium memberships that offer on demand music for mobile or web based platforms. YouTube is looking to compete with Spotify to be the place for listeners to go to listen to music on demand. YouTube feels it will have a competitive edge by offering video to accompany the music tracks.

I feel liek this could be a great move for YouTube. For me, I usually go to YouTube in order to listen to new songs/videos so I will be happy to sign up for a subscription service. However that being said, I do not already have a subscription with spotify, but I do know many people who do.

Do you think spotify users will switch to YouTube subscriptions?

Is the video feature enough of an incentive?

Do you think that the affiliation that Spotify has with Facebook is an added bonus for subscribers?


3 thoughts on “Will You Subscribe to YouTube?

  1. I don’t think this model will work. People have been conditioned to go to YouTube to watch videos for free. People paying for spotify so they can take music and playlists with them wherever you go is what people are getting with Spotify. Its like comparing apples and oranges with YouTube.

  2. I think if YouTube will be able to do an effective playlist or recommendation system, this model will work. It has to bring in something new or useful to the equation and can’t just be all about “availability”. Video also might not be a big enough advantage. People already expect music videos to be free and i think it will take a bigger incentive for them to pay for a subscription.

  3. I think it is a good move for YouTube. Even though I do not think Spotify users will leave Spotify for YouTube, I do think that this will help YouTube gain even more traffic. It’s a expansion for YouTube within their realm.

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