If Facebook Gives Your Business Free Wi-Fi, What’s in It for You?

article link: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/229287     Image

Brief summary:

This article tells the cooperation between Facebook and companies that users can access to free wifi by using their Facebook account log in. With this joint initiative, companies can get more clicks, as the check-ins raises, the companies’ names would be more visible in Graph Search, an advanced search engine that Facebook introduced on its platform.

But for now, Facebook did not get any direct revenue, but they hold optimistic attitudes toward this plan since merchants  will want to buy ads on social media since Facebook has demographic information about the people who have interacted with the business’s page and the information is detailed, all of these information is critical for companies to set later marketing and sale strategies. Besides, since people use Facebook account when they log in free wifi, companies can use this as a method to post promotions, discounts or activities.


Do you have the feeling that you are using your private information to trade for the ”free wifi”? Would you gonna favor this approach? 


3 thoughts on “If Facebook Gives Your Business Free Wi-Fi, What’s in It for You?

  1. Yes you are making a trade “nothing is for free”. I see the value of this approach from the business and Facebook perspectives. However, I don’t favor the approach and I will choose not to use the service. From the patron point of you, I don’t really see this as an extra add-on service because it comes with a price “privacy” which the tag is extremely hefty these days. However, most patrons will not even read the terms and conditions and just see it as free wifi. I would rather pay for an aircard, hotspot, etc., then for Facebook to track my every move.

  2. I also agree with the comment above.

    It’s interesting to think about it from another angle..do we think people would opt in to pay a certain amount every month to not have companies track searches.

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