Twitter DM Security Issues


In a Mashable article posted Wednesday entitled, “Twitter Glitch Prevents Sending Some DMs With Links,” writer Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai dissects the most recent technical issues faced by Twitter as a result of their new direct messaging option.  Historically, Twitter mandates that users follow each other before sending direct messages.  Now, users are allowed to send messages to anyone regardless if they’re following them or not.  Unfortunately, however, the most recent option is flawed as it doesn’t allow the sending of direct messages containing links.  Often, verified users are able to send links without any problem however, non-verified users who run into problems.  With security and privacy issues being such a fiercely debated topic these days, what value does the new direct messaging option give Twitter’s users?  As the article mentions, social spam is an increasing problem and it’s believed that Twitter’s blocking non-verified users from sending links to prevent its’ spread.  If you’re a Twitter user do you worry you’ll receive a direct message containing spam and if you did, what problems could that potentially cause?  How could Twitter better handle these types of security issues moving forward?  Should the direct messaging option be removed completely from the platform?  


2 thoughts on “Twitter DM Security Issues

  1. I think this is a good idea to block links from non-verified users particularly in Twitter’s direct messages. You don’t know who is sending you a link to some crazy site and this just makes the experience annoying. Not allowing it discourages spamming in a big way. Direct message links should just be for people who want real conversation and not spammers, and doing this way makes direct messaging more meaningful.

    Now the question is how does Twitter handle this? It’s one of two things, find a good way to have people verified or find a way to eliminate spammer accounts. Both ways are equally as challenging and hard to execute.

  2. Although the original intention of blocking links from non-verified users in direct messages is definitely terrific, the corresponding inconvenience will be exposed to non-verified users who are not sending spam. It is seemingly not fair to them. So i think Twitter should think out some effective solution without impairing good non-verified users’ interest. Maybe they could develop professional software to monitor spam links in direct message, which might increase budget in technology. But it is worth it.

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