China cracks down on social media with threat of jail for ‘online rumours’

This article is about Chinese Gov’t’s action to stop the spread of what they referred as irresponsible rumours, threatening offenders with three year in jail if untrue posts online are widely reposted, drawing an angry reponse from Chinese internet users.

Most of the people believe this is another gov’t move to strengthen the current stringent internet censorship since the “Great Fire Wall” already blocked some of the famous western websites. For instance, Facebook & Twitter.

From my perspective, I don’t like the “Great Fire Wall” because I can’t get to Youtube and Google for my entertainment and research, however, I felt this action to crack down online rumours is necessary especially when people are posting some false information that goes against the gov’t.

I guess most people don’t like their gov’t and me either. But that’s doesn’t mean we can post whatever we want which can hurt someone or something. I think the law is necessary to give us a clean internet environment can we can enjoy our “Freedom of Speech” in a better setting.


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