Confessions on Social Media

A 22 year old man from Ohio posted a self incriminating video to YouTube this week. Matthew Cordle confessed to killing a man with his car on June 22 while heavily intoxicated. Cordle has been struck with guilt since the day of the crime that he deemed it was time to finally come forward.
The fascinating part of this story is that rather than going directly to the police, he first went online. He figured the social platform would serve as the proper place for his confession to be made. He uploaded the video as part of a larger campaign titled “Because I Said I Would” which encourages “bettering humanity through the power of a promise”.
It is interesting to see how the power of a social campaign can influence the action that people take in their lives. Matthew had lawyers and access to communication with the police, but instead of going to them, he decided to do this first. I am still not sure how I feel about this, at the moment the action is not sitting right with me. What are your thoughts?
This is not the first time in recent weeks that social media has served as a confessional. A man posted a status with accompanying pictures to facebook detailing how he had just killed his wife.
I wonder if these men seeked the attention that these acts would garner, or if it is a deeper psychological attachment to social media.
-Devin Almeida

One thought on “Confessions on Social Media

  1. Well, regardless of the potential implications of his video, I think he made the right move afterall. His video advocates bettering humanity through the power of a promise which I believe is pretty good, however, I shared a similar opinion like one of the posts in video that he should not be rewarded for his action.

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