Masters Degree in Social Media?

With the rise of Social Media and its importance for business, undergraduate students and young professionals have begun to take a larger interest in the newly formed graduate degree in Social Media. With current MBA programs offering Social Media classes like ours, some programs have begun to offer dedicated programs.

Is the ROI for business enough that students need to specialize in Social Media, rather than be comfortable with how to use it? Is the ROI for the student/young professional tangible enough that the improvement in their career and salary enough to offset the cost of the degree?


2 thoughts on “Masters Degree in Social Media?

  1. I don’t think we’re at the point yet where there is a need for a master’s degree in social media. At the most I would say a professional certificate could make sense, because of how specialized the field could be considered, but for now I think classes similar to ours can suffice. In addition to general social media courses I believe that there should be more specific courses which focus on analyzing metrics, for example, the Facebook data we discussed with one of our guest speakers. The issue is that social media has yet to become a true science, like that of the business field, to warrant a full-on 60+ credit masters curriculum.

  2. I agree with Matthew’s comment. I do not think that there should be a dedicated degree to social media. As we have discussed in class, and as I have heard many guest speakers corroborate, social media will no longer be its own division as it is today – it will eventually just be 100% encompassed under marketing and will become a core function of the general marketing teams responsibilities. I therefore think perhaps social media would be a useful designation under the marketing degree, however I do not think that it should have it own degree.

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