Who Should Lead Your Social Media Strategy?

This article talks about the differences between graduate and undergraduate students’ social media skills on the job. Apparently the two have a very different approach when employing a business’s social media strategy.

From the author’s experience in teaching undergraduate and graduate students since 2006, he notes that the former has more of a procedural understanding of social media –employing a wide range of features and readily adapting to different platforms – while the latter has more of a strategic approach– understanding how to better achieve organizational objectives. 

The author believes that businesses take on a major risk when hiring young employees to lead their social media efforts. While younger employees may be more technologically savvy than their older counterparts, they tend to lack knowledge of overall business strategy.  This proves to be a clear disadvantage for companies hoping to achieve measurable results.

The author notes that classes with both younger and older students are more effective than either one taught separately. Younger students benefit from the wisdom and experience of older students, while older students learn the importance of adapting to new technologies. 

The article ends with a piece of advice for businesses to gain the most from their social media strategies: train current employees in social media instead of teaching new hires about the company’s strategic objectives.   

My questions for discussion are:

What do you think of the author’s advice for companies to avoid hiring young employees to lead an organization’s social media strategy?

 For part-time student: What trends are you seeing at your jobs for social media hires?



One thought on “Who Should Lead Your Social Media Strategy?

  1. I see where the author may be coming from but I still feel that a young social savvy candidate might have great insight into what works and may not work. The director of marketing or Director of Digital marketing should the lead the strategy and the manager, maybe social media manager, could take the reigns on HELPING to execute that socially. Basically, a nice pairing of seasoned and new…just like any normal business/employee model.

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