Social Media’s Direct Impact On Fashion

I came across this interesting Forbes article on the impact that social media has had on fashion. We often hear about industries attempting to reshape themselves to mesh better with social media.  This is not the case with fashion.  The fashion world embraced social media wholeheartedly without changing any part of the industry.

Perhaps the most interesting piece of this article is the infographic that is included.  It breaks shoppers into two categories: fashionistas and social shoppers.  As can be expected, almost all shoppers in this survey were utilizing Facebook.  The second most-used social medium by shoppers is Twitter.  However, when they asked how shoppers are influenced, Twitter was not in the top 4 responses. Rather, the fashionista relied primarily on fashion blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.  The social shopper was influenced by the same four, but blogs took a backseat to Facebook.  This makes sense since the social shopper cares about what their friends are wearing.

We often hear the term “influencer” in the social media universe.  While someone may be an influencer in a particular industry, their influence may only be a small portion of industry buyers.  Fashion influencers, on the other hand, can influence up to 60% of all shoppers.  This is an incredible number.

So, as the article headlines and as fashionistas cringe, you can thank Mark Zuckerberg for what you are wearing.

Questions for the class:

1) Do you consider yourself in either category: fashionista or social shopper?

2) If you do, are you influenced by blogs, Facebook, etc. when you shop?  If so, which ones in particular?

3) If you are not a normal shopper, has any fashion posts on social media ever caught your attention and made you want to buy clothing?


One thought on “Social Media’s Direct Impact On Fashion

  1. I hate to say it, but according to this definition, I am a fashionista, especially as it has such a feminine connotation. I am influenced by fashion blogs and have purchased items directly from the blog and follow several on a daily basis, such as:

    My choice in clothing strongly trends towards preppy as you can see by my blog choices. However, in comparing Twitter and FB, FB has a much stronger advantage when it comes to fashion as they photos are embedded in the NewsFeed, where in my opinion, Twitter is more of a news source for me, especially as the Pictures do not show up automatically as they do on FB and require another click to view the picture. I don’t use Instagram or Pinterest, but can see them both being a major influencer in the fashion world and am surprised them are not a stronger force.

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