Glide the Latest Social App to Take Off

Glide is a new video chatting application on both the Android and iOS platforms that has been picking up steam over the past few weeks.  Glide is now ranked the #6 application in the iOS app store and the #1 app in the social media category unseating Instagram.  Glide’s success is believe to be attributed to the viral nature of its registration process.  Glide has yet to pay for advertisements.   Instead the company is letting its users spread the word to their friends.  However Glide is not being completely honest, in a effort to spread the word about the application Glide has taken a spam approach.  When a user registers with Glide the application then automatically unless disabled sends out a message to every contact in the phone book reading “I’ve got something to show you on Glide”.  While the review section of the app remains fairly positive there are quite a few users who have complained about this spamming technique.

Another issues that is being brought up by some of Glide’s users and is something we discussed in class is the use of Facebook login.  Currently the Facebook connect is the only way to sign in to Glide, this has really caused issue with one of the largest Glide demographics.  13 – 15 year olds seem to not care about Facebook and do not want to sign up for an account so they can register for Glide.


My Questions to the class are:

1: How do you feel about the spamming tactics being used to spread the word about the application?

2: Should Glide spend the money to develop their own registration system and move away from Facebook connect or will application like Glide using Facebook connect drive another age bracket to create Facebook accounts?


One thought on “Glide the Latest Social App to Take Off

  1. 1: I do not like the idea of my entire contact list seeing if I downloaded something and think that Glide is being very deceitful in using this strategy to power its growth. If it is the default, fine, but at least let the user opt-out of notifying everyone.

    2: As shown by the intro video, its target demographic is the 18-30 crowd who all likely already have Facebook accounts. However, if they wanted to target the pre-teen group of 10-18 years old, then it is very disadvantageous for them to require a FB account as FB for the 10-18 yr old has gotten stale and they are not using it as there parents now know about it and can “track” it. If they really want to grow, then they shouldn’t require a FB connect login, and there business model and premise is not strong enough to push a customer segment to sign up for FB just to have access to Glide.

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