Shazam just kind of amazes me…

I recently read an article about a Latin American billionaire, Carlos Slim Helu, (he and Bill Gates apparently flip flop between who is the riches man in the world) investing into music identifier app, Shazam. He will help the company move, at a faster pace, into Latin America while also funding the brand as it expands more into TV.

I don’t know if I’ve got FOMO but I do know my inquisitive mind just wants to know more. Not necessarily about my friends or network but about who was the 1st draft pick instead of Michael Jordan in 1980whatever… that Vin Diesel is an executive producer of the last 3 or 4 Fast and Furiouses(racking in the money!)…random information about nationally televised awards shows and I ALWAYS want to know what that song is in the background of a restaurant, club, or cab. So the article  got me thinking about apps/websites like Shazam, Wikipedia and IMDB that feed my randomness. I have found that the more digital and social I become, the more information, albeit only useful to me, I want to gather.

What apps do you use to gather your random tidbits?

For those unfamiliar, Shazam is quickly becoming a fully-fledged, media-engagement company recognizing audio from music, tv and advertisements. It has 100 million US users and 350 million globally. The application provides a wide variety of information like titles and artists of songs, offering you a chance to listen via youtube or spotify, purchasing capabilities through itunes, lyrics to songs, and sharing abilities to keep your friends in the loop.  The app initially made money from its referrals to iTunes and Spotify for subscriptions but is now looking to advertising via mobile ads and TV ads that viewers engage with through Shazam for much larger revenue opportunities. According to the Shazam/Carlos article, advertisers typically spend about $100k to make a TV commercial ‘shazamable!’

If you were a brand marketer, would you pay for Shazam capabilities?

As a consumer would you interact with these new Shazam offerings on TV and mobile?

I Shazamed a song from the BET Awards a couple of weeks ago and it had its own tag with additional tabs showing every song and artist that performed, sponsored Hennessy Backstage Bar pass with recipes and Nas Video exclusive, Top real-time tags during the show, performance ratings and real-time tweeting of the event.  I clicked them all.

Shazam had my heart when it was first introduced to me in 2009/2010.  When Shazam notified me I used it too much and needed to pay to use the service more than 5 times a month, I texted a girlfriend of mine to see if she did it. She paid $5.00 for it (‘It’s for the entire year!’ she said) so I did it too.


2 thoughts on “Shazam just kind of amazes me…

  1. I recently downloaded Shazam about 6 months ago, and I love the app! Whether out at a bar or cycling in spin class, I have whipped out my phone to identify the current song playing. I even love the feature that takes me to itunes so I can download the song (legally of course ;))

    I am slightly confused though by the following statement, “According to, advertisers typically spend about $100k to make a TV commercial ‘shazamable!” — I thought that any song playing could be identified by Shazam and that it did not need to be coded in any particular way? But yes, as a marketer, I would definitely want to incorporate this booming trend of Shazam into my media plan.

    Lastly, I have to be honest, I really like the app, but I dont know if I would pay $5 for it..

  2. I meant (the shazam article)— so sorry! When you are watching TV and you see the commercials with the shazam logo at the bottom for increased engagement. Those are the commercials that cost the brand (ie Target) $100K to make. Make sense?

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