Employee Social Media Policies

It could be argued that even outside the office, the things we say and the groups and circles (no pun intended) that we chose to be affiliated with have a reflection on our employer. Covering protocol on a wide range of activities from who you can endorse and recommend on LinkedIn, to opinions one can give on a religious or political topic, many organizations have a strict social media policy detailing how employees may social network. And with social media listening tools becoming widely adopted to large companies to help stay abreast of what their employees and customers are saying, you can never been too careful when considering what your digital footprint says about you.

Not too many years ago, you could see herds of business men and women gathering several times a day, like clockwork, outside of office buildings on every street to take their 7 minute cigarette breaks throughout the day.  In recent years, many individuals view hoping on their computer to watch a short YouTube video or scrolling the Facebook News Feed on their smartphone app as the new smoke break. While it could be argued that both offer the employee a bit of a mental respite from the work day, yet employers still opt to block such social networks.

Does your company have a social media policy for employees?

If so, how prominently is the employee social media policy featured and enforced?

Are any social media sites blocked through your offices network security settings?

Are you required to include a disclaimer in your social media bio stating that your thoughts are your own and do not reflect that of your employer?


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