Welcome to the party, Wall Street Journal. You’re 5 years too late.

The Wall Street Journal, one of the most reputable and successful platforms for business news, is attempting to make their online presence more of a destination for information exchange rather than simply a distributor of news.  To do this, they will be introducing a social network as well as personalized investment portfolio.  The social network portion appears to be very similar to LinkedIn, allowing business professionals to display a short bio about themselves, work experience, awards, affiliations and more.  Users will be allowed to customize their profiles’ news feeds with various WSJ topics and engage in conversations with other members of the platform. 


Bloomberg is also re-launching a social network presence on their website called Current with many of the same features.


  • Is WSJ’s content strong enough to convince people to use another business-related social media site?
  • Is WSJ 5 years too late?
  • Will people be able to manage another social media presence? Is there a need for this?

One thought on “Welcome to the party, Wall Street Journal. You’re 5 years too late.

  1. I actually think the WSJ may have a shot at having a successful social media network. LinkedIn built a successful social network from the ground up. The WSJ already has a reputable established presence in the business world and a large following. The WSJ could also benefit from second mover advantage.

    Yes, LinkedIn is already well established, but think back to how popular Myspace was before Facebook took over.

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