Use Social Media to your Advantage: 5 Ways to Grow your Biz with facebook

After hearing from Sony’s social media expert last week, specifically his facebook findings, I figured I would take the opportunity to zero in on leveraging facebook for your business.  Manos shared with us his experiences managing facebook fan pages for musical talents such as Michael Jackson – but how do you use a facebook page to your advantage in order to grow a small business?

Marketing entrepreneur Pam Moore wrote an enlightening yet subtly obvious article  entitled “5 Ways to Grow Your Business With Facebook.”  In todays ever changing business environment, real time information cocktailed with engagement and dialogue is demanded from customers via social media platforms.  Since facebook is the #1 social media platform, why not leverage this booming network (over 1 billion users!) to grow your business?

I will summarize the 5 ways to leverage facebook to grow your business below:

1.    Content

  • Content and community need to co-exist. Simply having excellent content is not enough, you need to ensure that you have a community to share it with!  A business’ facebook page with only 100 followers but engaging content is ineffective – you need to grow your community before you can start promoting!  It is important to build trust within your community – your followers need to trust that you will only broadcast useful content that will add value to them.

2.    Freebies

  • 36% of consumers like a fan page to receive a freebie. Enough said.
  • Freebies should be lower value items that generate excitement about your business or brand.  I liked Emergen-C on facebook a few weeks ago in order to receive 2 sample packettes of their new flavors.  I now follow them and am hooked! If your business has the means to distribute freebies, then why not…?

3.    Facebook Contest

  • Who doesn’t love a contest?  Contests usually offer a large grand prize for anyone who signs up – but the underlying marketer’s dream to this, is that with a contest, you can also collect valuable e-mail addresses!  Most facebook third party apps come with an email capture form that needs to be filled out before a fan can participate.  Boom, just like that, you now can directly reach out to fans via email.

4.    Discounts

  • 40% of facebook users like a page to receive a discount.
  • A facebook user needs a valid and enticing reason as to why they should follow your business’ page.  What better reason than discounts?  I recently followed Seamless Web on facebook in order to receive the occasional 10% discount on food orders, and I love it!

 5.    Use Promoted Posts

  • There is no better way to share your facebook content and to grow your business than through promoted posts.  A promoted post is essentially one facebook user telling their network that they have trusted your post and their friends should too, a sort of endorsement.

As someone who one day hopes to start a business of my own, I know that I will for sure utilize these 5 facebook tips.  However, I now pose the following questions to you:

– Do you agree with the above 5 tips to grow your business via facebook? Would you add, delete, or edit any of them?

– What is the best way to initially start your business’ facebook page?  If you have just created the page, how do you go about gaining your initial followers? Could you provide any useful tips for that?

– Are these same 5 tips also applicable to the twitter universe?  Would they be as effective on that platform?


One thought on “Use Social Media to your Advantage: 5 Ways to Grow your Biz with facebook

  1. Great tips. Content is key. But the difference between good and excellent social media content is its ability to drive emotional engagement and conversations. If you manage to create excellent content, your hard work is done, the rest of the world will take on the conversation.

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