Firestarting 101

Firestarting 101

This post isn’t about the politics of whether or not you support the Monsanto Protection Act that was signed into law on Tuesday. Instead, I’m looking to see if anyone is as surprised as I am about how easy it is nowadays to create and spark outrage in the social media environment. 

As a little back-story, the bill that was signed by the President on Tuesday allows protections for biotech companies to potentially continue selling genetically engineered and modified food seeds to the public, even IF they are found to be dangerous in the future. Is this scary? Sure, a little. It doesn’t present any danger to us today, but MAYBE it will some time down the road. That said, are there bigger monsters out there right now that go largely unnoticed? Why is that?

Here is this friend of mine, getting outraged about a given issue that has yet to pose a credible threat to him. Is social outrage warranted here, or is it simply fashionable?

Is it a way to contribute to the ideal social image we strive to create for ourselves in the virtual world? (The one who only seems to ever show his/her good side in photos and is socially conscious.)

Looking back at the Kony example, is there a certain formula to follow if you want to harness this socially conscious spirit and generate support for your own cause?


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