Disruptions: Digital Era Redefining Etiquette

Disruptions: Digital Era Redefining Etiquette

While growing up our parents instilled in us many values, they explained to us how we should treat others and how to deal with pleasant and unpleasant situations. Part of the values our parents worked hard to pass down to us include the art of being polite and gracious, proper etiquette for living our lives. Etiquette that helps us know how to act in many different situations as well as when and how to show appreciation for things and people. However, as we’ve stepped into the digital era, Emily Post’s version of proper etiquette has evolved and turned into something quite different.

In his New York Times article, Disruptions: Digital Era Redefining Etiquette, Nick Bilton discusses this evolution of our social graces. He argues that digital natives can’t be bothered to nurture relationships. Instead, our need and ability to achieve instant gratification, whether it’s a response via text, email or like on Facebook, has ruined and erased the art of a proper “thank you”, nor will the digital natives feel the need to leave or listen to voicemails.

I’m curious if you too have started to avoid a proper thank you or voicemail in your day to day life. Since we are not digital natives, have you started to fall into this new, somewhat acceptable lack of etiquette.

Do you think this new etiquette will be helpful in the future or should we try to instill the social graces we were taught to use – is the thank you lost?


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