Brands Using Social Media to Connect with Consumers

The app Buzzmob recently hired Stubhub’s Chief Technology Officer to help the company take the next step towards its goal of being the number one location-based fan engagement app. The app was created due to the fact that so many people, when attending a live event, spent a lot of time on their phones or tablet devices, sharing their experience with their friends. The app offers a focused, virtual community message board, which allows users to tap into a realtime community feed of images, tips and status updates from fellow event-goers.

The first step in updating the Buzzmob app is the expansion of the service, which would allow organizations such as event organizers, brands and sports teams to create targeted message boards for various events. This would allow these bigger entities the ability to quickly create boards around events

This would allow the brands and event organizers to “curate realtime conversation feeds, video streams, exclusive music, movies and event photos, while leveraging that stream to distribute offers, trivia and promotional giveaways”.

The overall objective behind this expansion of the Buzzmode app is to give brands a better way to connect with their customers. They will now be able to reward loyal fans with swag and doing so will hopefully give the companies a better shot at creating lasting relationships with actual people, as opposed to a fan base segmented generally by demographics. The idea is to be one part social/mobile CRM, one part mobile content distribution and loyalty platform, and one part event utility.

Perhaps the biggest deal with regards to this news, from a business perspective, is that it gives brands the ability to control and curate the submissions by fans. This is a perspective that brands have not really had to this point from other services and is valuable to them

The question to the class is whether you would use a service like this while attending a live event, and whether you would want to participate in a feed or message board that was created and sponsored by a brand/company?


2 thoughts on “Brands Using Social Media to Connect with Consumers

  1. I think that this is definitely a service that I would use, and can imagine a lot of other people using it as well. The sort of key elements I would think in driving this service’s success would be engaging, substantive content as well as wide consumer usage. If I were attending an event, I would certainly go onto Twitter probably before, during and after and search the event’s hashtag to find out what people were saying about it, and likely to share my experience there as well. So for someone like me, logging onto a message board service isn’t a far leap. But I think that the success of the live conversations and exchanges would be really dependent on widespread consumer usage in order to make it engaging.

  2. I would certainly be willing to give Buzzmob a try. It might be fun, convenient, and relevant to have access to an established digital community for a live event. Would be interesting to find out if they could smoothly synchronize Buzzmob with existing social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Foursquare specifically. I think it’s Ideal to share user content via multiple, well established social media platforms.

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