Can Social Media Sell Soap?

This is an interesting topic. The author tried to give some answers to questions of the influence of social media to the market. From the example of I.B.M. during the Black Friday, it indicates that social network may not as efficient as we thought before. However, businesses use social media not only for customer engagement and internal communications, but also public relations. The value of social media to business is higher than advertising because it’s much easier to collect statistic data such as customer’s response, service inquiries on Facebook than it is on email. Even social media cannot do complex marketing activities, it can be a collector and researcher for companies.

With the development and boom of the social media, it is hard for companies to attract focuses of customers. There’s a kind of innovative advertisement was invented called  related ads. That means if customers clicked on one advertisement, the advertiser paid the search engine and the search engine soon implemented this system on a mammoth scale and make money through it. The author hold the humanism opinion and overlooked the internet’s advances in person to person communication. Related ads is kind of customize. As far as I am concerned, it is the trend of social media development.

My questions are:

1) Do you think social media is as efficient as it was years before? If so, how long will it last? If not, what is the reason that cause the lack of efficiency.

2) Since the related ads is getting popular, what’s your opinion about it? Are you worrying about the privacy?

3) Do you think digital marketing is the future?



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