Global Social Media Trends in 2013
The development and influence of social media always gives us surprises, but the article reports four emerging and continuing social media trends that can be tracked and predicted in 2013 with a certain degree of confidence.
Emerging Markets
Social media usage in developing countries will soon catch up with those in more established markets.Emerging markets mean new opportunities to social media marketers and they need to get into emerging markets before they catch up with the established markets.
Mobile Growth
No matter in developed or developing countries, social media usage through smart phone might exceed the usage through PC.
Multimedia Engagement
Partly because of the fast growth of mobile devices such as smart phone,tablets people around the world are more likely to be involved in multimedia engagement. How marketers can make use of this behavior trend to apply integrated marketing for their products or services will bring new potential and success.
Established Giants vs. Niche and Local Networks
Generally speaking Facebook will continue to dominate and niche and local networks can also survive for different reasons.
My questions are
1)Do you agree with the trends of social media in 2013 predicted by this article? Do you think if there are any other trends the article didn’t mention?
2) What kind of influence of these trends can have on our life and the world?


One thought on “Global Social Media Trends in 2013

  1. I agree with the social media trends predicted for 2013. I think more and more people are accessing social media via their smart phones and emerging countries are gaining access to the internet, allowing them to partake in the conversations online and become more knowledgeable about what is going on in the world. I do think that many marketers will have to push harder to engage with consumers in 2013. I think the days of simply “liking” something are over. If you really want to reach the customer, you have to let them participate.
    I think the fact that social media is increasing in developing countries will help us in policy making on an international stage. People are being forced to become more knowledgeable about current events today because the information is there. As we saw with the Arab Spring, we now have a front-row seat to protests happening abroad.

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