As the social TV industry comes of age, stay tuned for what Facebook has in store

Wauters (author) discusses how social networking services (Facebook, Twitter) and social television apps (GetGlue, IntoNow) have changed the way we consume television.  Often, we watch TV while using mobile devices and share our thoughts and opinions with our vast online network of friends.

Twitter recently acquired Bluefin Labs, a social television analytics company, in order to “help…create innovative new ad products and consumer experiences in the exciting intersection of Twitter and TV.”  Last year, Nielsen acquired SocialGuide, which tracks TV-related conversations on Facebook and Twitter.  Nielsen also partnered with Twitter to develop a “social ranking of US TV program popularity.”

Facebook pitched the idea of personalized TV program guides to broadcasters.  The company is also preparing a video-ad product that would increase its ad revenue from TV advertisers.  According to a 2012 survey conducted by Nielsen, “Facebook was found to have the greatest influence on getting people to watch a show, out of all online channels” (46%).  Facebook is also currently experimenting with a TV check-in feature (similar to FourSquare), which could provide incredibly valuable data to advertisers and partners.


My questions to the class are:

1)   Do you think data collected from social networking sites and social TV applications will become more valuable to broadcasters and advertisers than Nielsen ratings?

2)   Has social media changed your television viewing habits in terms of what shows you watch and what additional devices you use to enhance your TV experience?


One thought on “As the social TV industry comes of age, stay tuned for what Facebook has in store

  1. Social media has had an impact on my television viewing habits by allowing me to see what is popular and trending. For instance, growing up, I could only go to the TV Guide to see what shows were premiering, versus now, I just look at my facebook feed and see what shows people are watching, what I might like, etc.

    Once TV technology can properly incorporate social capabilities, and consumers get comfortable with the idea of it, I think that social media will seamlessly integrate itself into the mass TV viewing experience (ie. future debute of the new Apple Television)

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