The Social Gaming Layer

Arby’s Article

Social media layers take on various forms. We are most familiar with the social gaming through Facebook. This month Arby’s rolled out a new ‘advergame’ a part of a campaign to tout the return of their fish sandwich. This game with daily monetary prizes garnered almost two million face book likes in less than a month. The social layer allows games to have more depth and longevity because of the human interaction that occurs within the framework of the game. The Arby’s games don’t have a lot of depth in this area but the group leaderboard demonstrates a small step in that direction. Gaming is being used in different areas to capture people’s attention in a world where there are more and more things to experience. This second article provides a nice infograph for people who are not as familiar with the evolution of social gaming (click here)

This article brings up several issues. Again, what is the value of a like? How does the level of engagement affect this metric?

Is Arby’s incenting people to interact more deeply with their advertising by giving them a chance to win a prize, essentially directly paying consumers for engagement?

For a long time games were played in person. The social layer of the internet makes interaction with a huge group of people possible. How do you see this changing the way we view games, their scale and scope? World of Warcraft is a great of how millions of people have paid to play games together for YEARS.

How are we seeing gamification blur the lines between video games and advertising? (For example the US Army put out a game a few years ago, America’s Army)


One thought on “The Social Gaming Layer

  1. I think “like” is valuable but the more valuable thing is how long people are gonna like it. The game of Arby’s on Facebook is a success if the ad campaign is only for a relatively short time but in the long run I don’t think this is attractive anymore even with the prize. WOW is so successful with so many loyal players worldwide for years, but is it doing so by paying them with money? The answer is no.I know some people who have played some online game for years. I asked them why. Most of them would say “well,my friends and my team are still in it.”
    Actually the mechanisms of almost all games are repeating and cycled. If you play a game alone you will get bored soon. What most successful online games are doing is setting very hard challenges that no one can make it by him/herself and cooperation with other players is needed and as a result this social interaction becomes a key source of addiction to online gaming.
    I think the idea of ad by games on social media sites is very smart in getting people’s attention but for bigger success and influence they need to add more social interaction factors to it.

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