2013 Trend Watch: Mobile Moments

We all know and have accepted the fact that in 2013, consumers will look to their mobile devices more and more to maximize their every moment. I recently looked at a report on the trendwatching.com site regarding the 2013 upcoming trends. I guess I expected to see the mobile outburst on the list, but some facts and statistics mentioned in the article were quite shocking:

  • A survey of US adult smartphone owners found that 63% of female respondents and 73% of male respondents don’t go an hour without checking their phone (Source: Harris Interactive, June 2012).
  • Cell phone users between 18 and 24 exchange an average of 109.5 messages on an average day, more than 3,200 per month (Source: Pew Research Centre, September 2012).
  • An academic study of Android users’ app-habits revealed that while users spend nearly one hour on their devices a day, the average app session lasted only just over a minute. (Source: DFKI, November 2011)


This report is mainly to give insights to professionals on what to expect for 2013, and to try to educate them on how to maximize their consumers’ experiences, tap into their lifestyles and reach out to them at every moment.

The same report mentions some examples on how companies and organizations have already seized the opportunity of offering a digital platform to their target groups. Services such as the virtual library or Peapod (QR code ‘virtual stores’) have been created to accommodate unmet needs on-the-go and make life easier and more convenient. But sites like SnapChat or WeChat, -expressing my personal opinion- are a whole different experience, that are not necessarily services that have to be offered on-the-go. 

The author introduces the “Lifestyle multi-if-not-hyper-tasking” and defines it as  2013’s  upcoming trend; it includes micro-convenience, mini-experiences and digital snacks that will rule the new age.


My questions to the class:

  1. What would be the major issues of this new trend identified for 2013? 
  2. What kind of services would be acceptable or prominent to succeed in this new mobile era? (An example would be looking at the Peapod service Vs. the SnapChat or any other you can think of.)
  3.  Would the invasion of personal “space” or privacy be a major problem? How could this be solved?

One thought on “2013 Trend Watch: Mobile Moments

  1. It seems that more and more people are using smartphones as the solitary communication and media consumption device, replacing historic media consumption trends, and interpersonal communication habits that require multiple outlets, devices, and greater time inputs. These trends seem logical, when one considers the convenience and time savings associated with a do-anything-device, versus numerous, more time consuming devices. Although, it’s important to consider the demographics and spending power of the individuals who are most impacted by these oncoming mobile trends. Many of these trends apply strictly to digital natives or tech savvy consumers, digital immigrants are likely not adapting as quickly as the natives.

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