Where Is My Social Media Butler?!


I recently came across this very interesting article that would like to share with you. It discusses a pricey $47,000 presidential inauguration package at the Madison hotel in Washington DC. It includes not only a four nights stay at the hotel during the inauguration (along with a private tour of DC for you and 22 for your friends) but also comes with your very own social media butler.

Her responsibility would be to chronicle yours and your friends’ experience so your friends and family could follow your adventures on sites like Facebook, Tweeter, and Instagram.

While hiring a chef or a cleaning person for private events and parties has become a norm, ordering services of a social media professional for a small-scale social event is certainly a novice idea. Nevertheless, today there is hardly any social gathering that takes place without being mentioned in some way on one of the social networks. So perhaps the idea of hiring a social media butler to handle all the photo uploading and tweeting is not too far-fetched?

Similar to a tourist in a foreign country who is too busy taking pictures and forgets to enjoy the moment and surroundings, we often do the same at social events. We are so busy posting live updates on Facebook and Tweeter that we barely have time to do what came for in the first place and that is socialize face-to-face.

So delegating the social media duties to a professional can certainly save you a lot of time and energy. This can give individuals who are very passionate about sharing pictures in real-time and keeping up with their status updates a chance to finally enjoy the party without reaching for the phone every few minutes.

So my questions to you are the following:

Do you think the profession of a social media butler has a future?

Would you consider hiring one (for a reasonable fee) for your own private event, for example a wedding, or a baby shower?

What are the possible implications?


4 thoughts on “Where Is My Social Media Butler?!

  1. As sad as it sounds, I feel like the job of a “Social Media Butler” could actually be an up-and-coming job market. Technology has made people lazy, I would not be surprised if people became too lazy to even handle their own social media platforms. This reminds me of the commercial for the AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 with Will Arnett. This job of a “Social Media Butler” seems like how Will Arnett has his own phone handler (Todd). Very interesting article. I wonder if this will actually pan out to become a real profession.

  2. I believe that a social media butler could have a future as a profession, but think it would be more at the high end level. They would probably be used most for large events such as a wedding or any celebrity event. That being said, I do think that it would be interesting to have it as at my own private event. You do get caught up in the moment of things, and many professions such as party planners have come out of that to take the stress off of the host and allow them to have more fun and enjoy the event. Also, it gives everyone something to look back on which I think will be alluring to some people to want to hire one for their event.

  3. I read this article a few days ago and wanted to share with the class.


    Ms Devine answers to the issue of personalization we mentioned in class as ” be(ing) an extra set of hands if they need them”, and not fully engage in tweeting or posting the activities of the day. She also taps on the issue of if there is a future to this profession and how she thought of it. Since the hotel approached her though, it means that there is this demand for a “social butler”. Ms Devine very strategically and well thought out, grasped the opportunity to promote her communication company.

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