Can’t miss 2013 trends in social media

post by Leah Thelen

Since we have spent the last few months discussing current trends in social media, I thought it might interest the group to see Fast Company’s forecast for 2013 trends. The article address much discussed questions such as “Will Facebook continue its reign atop the social hierarchy? Will businesses get better returns on their social media investments? Will your CEO finally learn to tweet?”

Some of the predictions are not new news to us. For example the idea that mobile will continue to quickly overtake use of personal computers. The article predicts this growth in mobile will have many implications on social by predicting the most successful platforms will find new and enhanced ways to deliver mobile ads. The consensus here is that there is MUCH room for improvement in mobile ad delivery via social. The writer, Ryan Holmes, predicts the speedy growth in mobile will drive advertisers to deliver their message more creatively via sponsored messages and promoted tweets.

The article goes on to predict the growth of social micro sites, also driven by the growth in mobile. While we’ve discussed at length how businesses might use social media to drive actionable awareness ultimately leading to increased revenues, there doesn’t seem to be a clear roadmap from social media spending to increased sales on the horizon just yet. That being said, the article talks about how companies embracing/facilitating social media for internal communication are poised to save significant operating costs in 2013.

With our choice to take this class, we’re already demonstrating one of the trends set to explode in 2013 – Formalization of social media education. Do you agree w/ Mr. Holmes’s predictions for 2013 trends in social media?


4 thoughts on “Can’t miss 2013 trends in social media

  1. I agree with all Mr. Holmes’s predictions for 2013 trends in social media and they are likely to happen next year. But I want to say something about mobile social media usage from my personal experience. As I use my iPhone to log into social media, I figure out the format of the social media on mobile is different form that on my PC and there are some functions missing on mobile. So a lot of times, I ended up going back to PC to use social media. If the format can be kept the same on mobile and PC, I do think more people will be drawn to using it on mobile.

  2. I don’t think there is such a thing as a can’t miss trend. These trends seemed pretty obvious but one that we are living right now is the formal training for social. I think businesses need to teach their management and employees about rules/regulations as well as how to use social media effectively. Years ago it was being given away or not monitored at all and now its a huge bargaining chip for advertisers and brands.

  3. I agree with Mr. Holmes prediction regarding the future for social media advertising and usage. I believe more and more companies will begin to require their new employees to be educated with social media. This will allow them to have experts on their team that can come up with creative social media campaigns that will make their company stand out.
    There is no doubt that the future will bring new social media sites; therefore, companies will value employees that can understand how to advertise through these sites. I also agree that the progression towards mobile usage will cause companies to spend time and money finding easy ways to market their products on mobile devices.

  4. There is absolutely no doubt that social media will continue to grow at a even higher rate next year. And as advertisers and marketers adjusting their strategies to incoporate the structural change in social marketing, it would be interesting to see how consumers embrace or resistant messages from marketers on social platforms via wire and mobile. I agree with Ryan Holmes’s prediction on growth on “native ads”. Because in order to please today’s picky audience, marketing/advertising messages have to carry valuable content. Sponsored story that seems like user generated will be the main trend in terms of ads.
    I also agree that in order to better target audience, companies are investing money on mobile ads since the mobile usage growing is a worldwide trend.
    I see there is need for social media education, but I doubt whether many companies would actually invest money on formalized social media education. I would say social media study is more like a “learn it your own” type of thing for the moment. Also, the digital native generation probably does not even need ‘older’ employees to teach them what they are best at.

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