Social Star Gives Back

I am taking a different approach to the article.  I have attached a video link to  This video ties back to Darren Herman’s visit to our class.  It features the girl who made her own version of Justin Bieber’s girlfriend and looked like a stalker (The overly attached girlfriend).  She received almost 14 million views for the video.  She has had similar success with other videos (a parody of Carly Rae Jepsens Call Me Maybe – 17 million+ views) and has used her internet fame to raise money for herself and for charities.  She has been able to quit her day job because of the ad revenue she received from her Youtube channel and has been able to rally people online to donate.  She started out as a no name person and now has become a social celebrity and philanthropist.

– Can social celebrity be a source of good contributions rather than bad for society?

– Do these social celebrities have a lasting impact?

– Do we expect people who have made small fortunes through social to donate their time or money?


4 thoughts on “Social Star Gives Back

  1. This is great that she was able to use this to raise $22k for autism. I do think that using social media for charitable causes. I do not think it is a necessity, but it is great that people are using this for a good cause. -Amanda Cruz

  2. As long as social celebrities use their social fame to do real charitable things without getting money from it, I do think it’s a good contribution. I don’t think the lasting impact really matters, what matters is if those social celebrities are willing to leverage their fame to do good cause.

  3. I like this story a lot. I thought it was fascinating and pretty amazing
    that she was able to not only quit her job but that she actually used her viral fame towards a good cause.

  4. I think most social celebrities became famous because they did something good for others, either made other people laugh or gave other people good idea etc. It is hard to tell whether they can have lasting impact or not. If they don’t do something new to attract people’s attention, they will be forgotten easily anyway. There are so many new social celebrities come out everyday and people like something new and more attractive. I don’t think we should expect people who had made fortunes through social media to donate their money and time because it is totally based on their personal will. It is appreciated if they do so. It is also acceptable if they don’t.

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