Krispy Kreme’s sweet opportunity

“Sweet Krispy Kreme worker surprises man on quest for rejection”- Yahoo News 11/26/12

The Facebook campaign “Give Jackie at Krispy Kreme a Raise” all began with Jia Jiang’s video blog of “100 days of Rejection.” Jia began his video blog in an effort to chronicle 100 days of asking for outlandish requests to overcome rejection. On day three, Jia went into a Krispy Kreme and requested 5 donuts to be constructed into the shape and colors of the Olympic flags. When Krispy Kreme manager, Jackie Braun, came out 15 minutes later with his request, Jia was thrilled. He was so surprised that she went above and beyond her job he started tweeting to Krispy Kreme, blogged and even created a facebook page in an attempt to rally people in support of Kathy and get her a raise after 5 years at Krispy Kreme. As discussed, brands such as Hostess and Team Coco, leveraged people’s sympathy to propel out of negative situations. How do you think Krispy Kreme can best leverage this situation to help strengthen their brand awareness and image?



5 thoughts on “Krispy Kreme’s sweet opportunity

  1. That is awesome that a local Krispy Kreme would make someone’s day like that. I think overall it may be difficult to broaden this situation as leverage for the entire company considering it has had so many financial issues leading to negative press. However, I definietly think that if they watch the social media sites closely to see how many more people are trending them, they could add some special deals/campaigns to their advantage. They could have a contest where people can send in ideas of what type of donuts they would want or waht design and then KK can decide which is the best one and make that donut for a day or something. They just need to make something like this–which is so small–into something larger. They could also try to sign on Jia as a social media rep or campaign rep (similar to Subway’s Jared) and use his personal experience as the leverage. Since this is so small-scale, i think it may be extra difficult for KK to do this.

  2. I agree that it’s a great idea for kk to transform this into a contest or a campaign which could be called”Make your own Krispy Kreme donuts.”.It’s good interaction with customers and customers like this kind of interaction. And social media is the right tool to put this into practice. Never underestimate people’s creativity and imagination. They can always surprise you by throwing you some very amazing ideas.

    • Dunkin Donuts did a similar campaign in 2010 for their 60th anniversary. They came up with a “Create Your Own Dunkin Donut” contest that was very successful by engageing almost 130,000 submissions and another 170,000 in votes. Krispy Kreme could capitalize off of this media coverage by doing something similar to their competitor. For instance, by running a tv commercial featuring the KK manager, Jackie Braun, telling you to go online to create the next KK donut, i’m sure they would be able to generate a successful campaign and turn it into positive ROI.

  3. A heartwarming story which offers Krispy Kreme a great opportunity to generate buzz around their customer service abilities. In the donut selling business where margins are small and the product form is available everywhere from grocery stores to gas stations, Krispy Kreme would be wise to leverage use this store to build brand awareness and consumer loyalty by giving this employee a very public raise and encouraging other employees to follow suit by stepping up their customer service efforts.

  4. This is hilarious. Ties into people making money off of nothing and no talent but this guy at least has some guts! Amazing that he expanded the concept into a microsite as well. The girl I mention in my article about philanthropy was sponsored by Kia so anything can happen with these mini celebs.

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