Facebook’s New Job Board–is it the new LinkedIn?


Facebook has launched a new app that is similar to Linked In…the attached article explains how Facebook has partnered with the Department of Labor, Monster.com, and a few other job service sites. Facebook says that their app is supposed to help leverage great candidates to great jobs. As of now, there are about 1.7 million users of this app and its consistently growing.

What is great about the app, according to the article, is that its easy to use and Facebook does all of the work. The user just has to type in a few keywords and an entire search opens with possible openings that have been aggregated by Facebook from multiple career sites. In reality, this is just like a Kayak.com or Pulse.com where all of their articles/flight prices, etc, are aggregated from numerous sites so the user has easy access to whatever they choose. This jobs app does the same thing which Facebook thinks will become an important tool in job searching….similar to LinkedIn.

The article also touches on whether or not Facebook will become more competitve with LinkedIn because of its ability to work closely with numerous career sites. However, LinkedIn has worked hard to create relationships with companies, users and recruiters so they are definitely feeling the pinch–their stock fell 2% after this Facebook app was announced.

I however dont think LinkedIn and this Facebook app are very comparable as of now. Linkedine provides so much more in relation to job hunting than this app. You can have your own profile, recommendations, job search, people search, keep resumes, see connections, etc. This Facebook app can only aggregate a job search based on what the users inputs.Although I think Facebook has the potential to grow this app to include everything LinkedIn does, i do think that most people are comfortable with LinkedIn now and they look at it as professional where as Facebook is more social.

What do you all think about this? Do you think Facebook can give LinkedIn a run for its money with the job search app?


7 thoughts on “Facebook’s New Job Board–is it the new LinkedIn?

  1. While I really like the one stop shop format of Facebook’s career networking app, I think they will be challenged from a credibility perspective in competition with LinkedIn. LinkedIn has done an incredible job of creating a professional networking site that compels people not just update their resume when they are looking for a new job, but to keep it as a working document enhanced by your business connections and colleague recommendations. LinkedIn presents itself as a serious place for professional networking. I wonder if Facebook will have the reputation to compete in the ‘serious’ category.

  2. I agree that LinkedIn is more professional and I think LinkedIn is more suitable for networking with people who can help you with your career or getting a job. I tried out the facebook social job app but I don’t think it worked well. It is easy to search for a job opportunity via other platforms but it is hard to get the job. One of the crucial steps to get a job is to network with people. I think LinkedIn targets on how to reach other people that can help you to get a job. To this point, I think LinkedIn is still more competitive than the facebook app.

  3. I think what LinkedIn differ from Facebook app is that on LinkedIn, building relationship and making connection is the core. It’s about networking. But this Facebook app is just for job search. In my opinion, these two platforms are not mutually exclusive, job hunter can take advantage of these two at the same time. First, people use LinkedIn to make connections with the practitioners in the industry the want to enter, getting to know someone or recruiters who can be helpful for your further career path is necessary. Recommendation often plays a important role in getting job offers, that’s the value of LinkedIn. Once people have such social resources, then can go to Facebook’s app to find their targeted job positions. So I think LinkedIn and Facebook are complementary.

  4. From a business perspective, LinkedIn should be concerned. Having the largest social networking company play any type of role that is remotely similar to your business should be a cause for concern. There’s a lot of room for Facebook to grow into different niche markets since it already has its place in the overall social networking business. The same cannot be said for LinkedIn’s business because is tailored to professionals, and is known for networking for professionals.

  5. I also do not think that Facebook will be anything like LinkedIn , in the near future. A lot of catching up will have to occur, especially because LinkedIn is very reputable when it comes to job related social media links. Facebook will catch-ip, yes- but not anytime soon.

  6. The app sounds very similar to the search capabilities of indeed.com where it pulls in different job postings to one page. Integrating that aspect with Facebook is unappealing for me. I rely on LinkedIn for professional connections and maintain a professional profile there. For me, Facebook is purely social. I like that I can keep the 2 worlds somewhat separate.

  7. I think Facebook is trying to be the leader over all social media outlets, but I don’t see this app taking over LinkedIn. Facebook is a socializing network that we use for personal fun by sharing interests and photos. LinkedIn reflects our professional side, and allows us to network and promote in a professional environment.

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