Coke Overflowing with Content

Coca-Cola has plans to transform their website to be more focused on content and brand storytelling, rather than advertising. The new website will feature a variety of content including interviews, opinion columns, video clips, photos, and blogs. It will also contain business related material such as company and product information. This new website should be more interactive then the previous website, which had not received a major update since 2005. The increase in content requires dedicated resources, which the company has also invested in.

The company is relying on customer feedback as they make adjustments to the new website. They are incorporating social media practices in many aspects of the website. They will regularly update their content, and will incorporate blog posts and photos. The website will be more focused on the brand, while their social media pages are focused on consumers and their experiences with coke.

A visit to the Pepsi website brings you to a landing page and portal for their social media. There is a twitter feed flowing through, a link to instagram photos, and links to numerous videos. Pepsi information can be found by clicking links at the very top of the page. However, it’s clear the focus is on social media and interacting with customers.

Major brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi are placing a large importance on social media, however does simply repeating the information in more than one place really add value? I think Coca-Cola is taking a better approach, with posting different types of information on their website, but still making it more interactive and formatting it with social media in mind.

Do you think this added content will interest consumers? Would their new content be better suited for their social media channels rather than their website?


6 thoughts on “Coke Overflowing with Content

  1. Glad Coca-Cola is going down this route, as it provides for a website that engages their visitors/customers with content that they may actually find of interest. This is something that many brands are now practicing, including Burton, which instead of just selling snowboards on their site, they take a more of a snowboarding blog/video site approach. For brands as well-know as Coca-Cola, they no longer need to actually advertise their core products, as we all know what they do and sell. However, this now heightens their customers’ engagement and interest in the company itself, not just the products they sell.

  2. I agree that it will help engage customers and have no doubt they will be doing this in addition to updating their social media sites. People can just have the choice where to visit to get their information.

  3. I think for a consumer product company such as Coca Cola, implementing a social media activation such as this is really going to be much more beneficial to the company than for the consumer. While these interactive features may not necessarily entice more costumers to drink Coke over Pepspi, I think it will offer real insight and research on consumer preferences and research for the company. I think this is a smart move on them.

  4. I think Coca-Cola is trying to join in on the new social media craze and all of the benefits social media has to offer. Those 1.2 million viewers who go to the site monthly would probably go there more because they can get more information than just what type of soda they should drink. Coca-Cola will also grow their user base because people will start coming to the site for information that they may have seen briefly on a tweet or Facebook post. Also, in agreement with Amy above, this will provide Coca-Cola with better consumer research and can expand their product line as well as marketing initiatives based on the data they get from their site. I think more and more companies should jump on board and expand their social media base as far as possible.

  5. I agree w/ Coke’s strategy to further integrate their social media content and their website. It seems a bit strange that they wouldn’t have done this sooner. Just looking at their website, I now see a facebook tracker and some video. Other than investor relations, career info and nutrition facts I can’t imagine a reason to visit the Coke website. Now that they are doing a better job of integrating their social media initiatives, I think the website will gain more traction as a place to successfully market and not just educate.

  6. I agree with what saleemk said. For a product like Coke, there is really no need to advertise it. So what company can do on the website is to provide a platform for customers to share their experience with Coke thus enhancing the brand loyalty. I think customers like those different social content such as video clips, blogs,interviews etc. These make customers feel more satisfied with their current experience with Coke. So I believe Coca-Cola is on the right track.

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