Tracking Social Media with Salesforce Marketing Cloud launched a new product, Marketing Cloud this week at their Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. Marketing Cloud is a product of Buddy Media, which the company acquired in June. The product is a comprehensive suite for social marketing that brings together social listening, content, engagement, advertising, workflow, automation and measurement.

Marketing Cloud provides a way for companies to track and manage social media activity about their brand. It gives them insight into real-time conversations from more than 400 million social sources including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Blogs. Ultimately, this information should enable companies to make better business and marketing decisions. Companies can learn more about who is engaging with them through social media quickly.

With the shift from traditional marketing strategies and the growth of social media, there is a need in the market for a product like Marketing Cloud. While building awareness of new products and brands through social media is often a goal of a marketing strategy, many question how these efforts can increase sales. It can be challenging and time consuming to measure the results of different social media initiatives and determine what is working best.

Although, it’s unclear exactly how Marketing Cloud works, it seems like a great way to gain visibility to the full scope of a company’s social media impact. When this information is also on the same platform as a company’s customer and sales information, that is an added bonus. With Marketing Cloud, companies should be able to measure ROI more easily, accurately, and quickly.

Do you think the added insight into social media will create more work for marketing professionals or make their jobs easier? Do you think this will attract companies that are not current customers considering some competitors are buying similar social media companies?


One thought on “Tracking Social Media with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  1. I think this is a really good application in terms of company’s marketing. Marketing Cloud can track what consumers say about your product or brand on different social media and this information is really helpful and valuable for marketers. Marketers want to hear consumers’ voice because a lot of time, consumers’ opinions are constructive. Marketers can use these opinion to improve their products and services to better serve different market segments.Because of Marketing Clund, marketer no longer need to spend time on every single social media to see what consumers say about their product,Marketing Clund acts as a single-source of consumers’ online conversation.which is time-saving for marketers to get all of the information.

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