Grey Poupon Only Accepting Facebook Fans Who Have Good Taste

In the 1980s, the Dijon mustard brand, Grey Poupon, featured a commercial with two Rolls Royce vehicles pulling alongside one another, with the passenger in one asks “Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?” The other responds, “But of course!” The subsequent scene of the commercial displays the passenger passing along a jar of the mustard before driving off. What the commercial is trying to portray to its viewers is that Grey Poupon is a classy and sophisticated mustard, unlike any other on the market.

For the first time in 15 years, Grey Poupon has returned to mass market advertising by incorporating social media to communicate to its fans. A major part of the theme entitled “Spread Good Taste,” is a Facebook campaign that allows only “classy” people to like the brand’s Facebook page. With an algorithm in place to determine whether or not you make the cut, fans are asked to apply for membership to the page before being able to like the page. The algorithm will search and judge user’s profiles based on their proper use of grammar, art taste, restaurant check-ins, books read, and movie selections to name a few.  If the algorithm detects poor taste in music or proper usage of grammar for instance, your membership may be rejected and you will be asked to refine your profile before you can apply again. Alongside Facebook, the Grey Poupon brand has taken to the social media site Pinterest, where they have posted boards that include recipes and other tasteful tips that help you enjoy life even further.

I think this is a fun and unique idea that Grey Poupon has come up with for its fans. Most of the time, companies seeks you out and ask for you to like their Facebook page. Grey Poupon has turned the tables around and asks you to apply first to ensure that you fit their refined demographic. An interactive platform such as the one Grey Poupon employs has the potential to engage Facebook fans and ultimately generate publicity with its unique advertisements.


2 thoughts on “Grey Poupon Only Accepting Facebook Fans Who Have Good Taste

  1. So after our class i went home and applied to ‘like’ Grey Poupon. Much to my dismay, i only got a 47. They weren’t pleased that I had pictures of friends in bathing suits at the beach or that i was friends with someone with a tattoo! However, the whole thing is hysterical. You are in a movie theater and 4 older-classy of course- people are watching the movie about you in which things pop up to show your education, your friends, your interests and places you have been. They make hilarious comments and judgemental statements….and then they let you know you just havent made the cut!
    What a great marketing tool by Grey Poupon…. but i am confused because essentially they are closing their doors on having thousands of Facebook Likes (which if quantifiable could be helpful to the marketing campaign) but it almost seems like they should (maybe they are, i dont know) be measuring based on the number of people who try to apply for it–not those who are accepted and then can ‘like’ the page. Either way, i think its a great tool because its interactive with everyone who tries to apply and the material they choose to rate you on is pretty funny. I think if people spread the word that this is a fun campaign, more and more people will apply to ‘like’ their page and thus numbers would skyrocket. Unfortunately, until class, i hadnt even see any type of buzz on Facebook in regards to this!

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