Will You Be Contributing 1,000 Words?

Post by Carolyn Yanoff


Have you ever wanted to write the next great fiction novel but couldn’t get past the first line or two? No problem. A new social media site, Qwikstory.com allows individuals to work together to write a story. Here is how it works. Once you start a story, you are allowed to type a maximum of 1,000 characters and you can’t continue to share your story until another users contributes. The original creator of the story can approve the next post but they can’t continue to write until a new user contributes.

The creator of Qwikstory.com, B.E. McFadden wanted to create a social media site that creates a sense of teamwork and encourages more meaningful conversation. McFadden comments” I wanted to come up with a concept that combines the good aspects of Facebook and Twitter while also trying to give people the opportunity to interact with their friends in a creative way.”

McFadden see Qwikstory.com as a social tool that will be used in classrooms for students to collaborate on writing assignments and believes it is a good opportunity for non-English speakers to practice reading and writing. He eventually hopes that completed stories will be turned into a printable or e-book version.

If you go to Qwikstory.com to read some of the recent stories such as Jessica – The Little Ratchet Ass Ho or My Job sucks it might be entertained but did you write the net 1,000 words to the story?

Do you think Qwikstory.com will be a successful platform? If so, do you agree with how McFadden thinks the site can be best utilized?


4 thoughts on “Will You Be Contributing 1,000 Words?

  1. I think this is a great and potentially profitable idea. There are several ideas that I have started and have not followed through with, that could be extremely beneficial. The concept that the original writer has to approve the next person,maintains the creative ideas that they had in mind for their story. I also think in the current academic climate, team work is greatly encourage. This will add value to that mindset.

  2. This seems like a great idea and a social media site that actually encourages creativity. Especially if you think about all the troubles we’re going through when using google docs for group projects, including the lack of track changes and the awkward graphs and tables visualization. The idea for collaborative writing of a creative story seems like a great value proposition to me.

    • I think this is a great idea. I was talking recently about compiling memories of our college years, vacations, etc. so we don’t forget all of the good times. This would be the perfect forum: everyone has access and the stories could be told from different perspectives. I see it being profitable in a social and academic setting but I am not sure it is viable with those that are learning English.

  3. I have been thinking recently about how to use social media in academics. I think that FB or Google+ would be smart to add an academic element to their sites. I feel like in the past these sites have been places to take a break from studying, but if FB can become a one stop shop, imagine the power they will gain.

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