How Old Is Too Old For Social Media Managers?

As social media becomes a more prevalent part of business’ marketing plan, managers are faced with the difficult dilemma of hiring an older person with less social media experience to manage their campaign or hiring a younger person with less marketing experience.

In an article for her university newspaper, Cathryn Sloan argued that because creating an engaging social media environment is the basis for all successful social media marketing attempts, it should be handled by younger employees who are more experienced than their older colleagues.  This Forbes blog partially agrees with her.  It states that although older people are increasingly joining social media web sites, younger people are more likely to factor social media into their purchasing decisions.  The happy medium to emerge from this would be pairing the experienced marketer with the experienced social media expert.

As social media becomes an increasingly important position platform for marketing and selling to young individuals how do companies balance out the experience gaps between having an older or younger social media manager?


One thought on “How Old Is Too Old For Social Media Managers?

  1. Like any new medium, it can and should be learnt by those looking to utilize it. In the case of social media, I would think an older person who is open to learning new skills and has more experience in marketing, could transfer those skills to another medium. Just because someone is under 25 doesn’t necessarily make them proficient in strategies such as – how to use social media as a business tool. I agree using social media will likely come easier to younger people, but other important business skills are required to make social media a vibrant part of any business strategy.

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