Can Social Media decide who Romney’s Running Mate will be?


We have discussed the impact of Social Media on U.S. politics several times. The most notable example was the impact Social Media had on the election of Barack Obama in 2008. Now, there is another aspect to consider. The presumptive Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, must now decide who to pick for a running mate as his Vice President. Given the impact Social Media had on the last election, it is highly likely that any possible candidate for the VP position will be considered based partly on their Social Media popularity, or lack thereof.

The article begs the question on whether or not Social Media will play as big a role for Republicans as it did for the Democrats in 2008. The demographics of both parties are different in terms of age and the likelihood of that demographic to use Social Media. Given the younger demographics of the Democratic party, it is more likely for them to be on at least one Social Media platform.

Social Media will play a role in deciding who Romney’s running mate will be, but it is unlikely to play as significant a role as the article suggests. All of the candidates the article mentions have a relatively small Social Media presence compared to their competition across the aisle. The most significant is probably Marco Rubio, who even has a mobile-friendly website. Perhaps this will help differentiate him from the rest of the suspected candidates. Only time will tell.


2 thoughts on “Can Social Media decide who Romney’s Running Mate will be?

  1. Given the nature of the political party demographics, I would be very surprised if social media plays anywhere near as much a role in helping the Republican party with this election as it did for the Democratic party in the 2008 election… even now, 4 years later.

  2. I agree with the above statement. Who could have really predicted Biden or Palin – or Cheney for that matter? I doubt that the collective intelligence of social media can predict something like the VP candidate. (I’ve even read somewhere that HRC will be the VP pick of Obama or something).

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