Social Media Helped, Hurt in Hunt

Recently, there was a shooting near the Auburn University campus involving current and former football players. Three people were killed, including two former players, and three others were wounded. The suspect eluded authorities for several days after the incident.

Montgomery police chief Kevin Murphy believes social media brought mixed results in the hunt for Desmonte Leonard. Investigators monitored the internet for information that could lead them to the suspect while officers searched homes and knocked on doors in areas where they believed the man might seek help.

Investigators believe false information may have been posted to Facebook and Twitter in an effort to mislead police in their search for Leonard. Checking posts that were meant to deceive investigators took valuable time, according to Chief Murphy, however it is unlikely charges could ever be filed since such a case would be nearly impossible to prove in court.

Detectives were able to corroborate other posts that contained information about Leonard’s location. Social media is one tool that helped police stay “three to four hours” behind the suspect, Murphy said.


One thought on “Social Media Helped, Hurt in Hunt

  1. Authorities monitoring social media to track down suspects, or to use as evidence against them, has been an interesting new trend. In my opinion it was only a matter of time before people began using it to throw authorities off. I wouldn’t be surprised if down the road though, giving misleading info like this could get you into serious trouble.

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