Users Spend More Time on Average Pinning than Hanging out on Facebook? Pinteresting!

Pinterest is a social networking site with a visually pleasing “virtual pinboard” interface, where users collect photos and link to products they love, creating their own pinboards and following the pinboards of other people whom they find interesting.

Pinterest has emerged as the runaway social media hit of early 2012 that achieved 10 mln. US monthly unique visitors faster than any independent site in history. It has now over 10.4 mln. registered users, the majority of whom are female mothers in the 25-34 age group spending on average 15 min. on Pinterest vs. Facebook- 12 mins. A typical Pinterest user will use mobile apps more often than average Internet users, will have visited Disney World in the past year and had a drink in the past month.

Interesting Fact: One of the most recent additions to the social networking site was Michelle Obama, who as of 9am this Wednesday had close to 200 followers that grew to more than 22,000 on Friday, but was only following one other account-the president’s.

The 2 year-old site, which is currently valued at 1.5 bln, was recently deemed as one of the fastest growing in history and only 9% of the top online retailers are offering Pinterest pins on their sites. I wonder why. There doesn’t seem to be a downside to adding a Pinterest pin and it will expose the retailers’ items to a larger audience. At the end of the day a picture is worth a thousand words. Having the ability to pin it and repin it is even more powerful.

Are companies too slow in adopting new social media sites or they just don’t see a future for Pinterest?


3 thoughts on “Users Spend More Time on Average Pinning than Hanging out on Facebook? Pinteresting!

  1. I think it is important for a company to realize its social media objectives, strategize and then utilize the social media outlet that is best fit to reach their objective. For example, in the recent article we read on JetBlue and Twitter, the company decided to use Twitter instead of Facebook.

    I think Pinterest can be a great marketing tools for companies if used correctly and if it makes sense for that particular business. Jettsetter recently used Pintrest to help them boost traffic by 150% through a “pin it to win it contest” where users were challenged to create the ultimate destination pinboard. The ultimate goal was for Pintrest users to associate travel on Pintrest with Jetsetter.

    Lastly, there was a recent article on politicians and their recent interest in using Pintrest since the majority of the demographic is female and the female voter is considered to be critical in the upcoming election.

  2. I think companies are slow in adopting new social media because they want to first wait and see if there truly is a future in it. And I suppose they do this by observing how quickly other companies are adopting them. Companies may need to see their major competitors begin successfully utilizing before doing anything about it themselves.

  3. I agree with the above comment…Companies are too slow because they are waiting to see what others are doing in the industry. Because social media is fairly new and hard to measure, it is even harder to explain spending large sums of advertisement and marketing dollar in something that could potential have a zero or limited return. Historical data, and common industry practices are essential in the accounting world. It is hard to justify to stakeholders when the ROI are so new that they are immeasurable. This situation reminds me of a person with no credit, the industry considered that person to have bad credit, because their risk and rewards are immeasurable.

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