Is Facebook becoming a bore?

In a recent launch of his new video chat service Airtime; Sean Parker announced in front of a large audience that he was somewhat bored with Facebook. Considering Parker recently earned over $2 billion dollars on Facebook’s IPO and his service Airtime is actually powered by the site, this is a pretty bold statement to make to the public.

It is unclear if Parker truly believes that Facebook has become boring, but it was certain he was trying to set his video chat service far apart from Facebook’s site. During Airtime’s launch, Parker stated that Facebook was great at mapping out social connections but that was basically it. Airtime on the other hand, was described as a service that not only connected you to your friends but also strangers who could greatly expand your social circle.

A recent survey showed that 34% of 1,000 Facebook users are now spending less time on the site as they did 6 months ago. Parker hopes to “restore surprise and serendipity to the Internet” along with countering boredom with the introduction of Airtime. At this point no one can predict if Airtime will become a success, but I do believe we could benefit from some face-to-face interaction considering most of our communication is done through email, texts and tweets these days.

Do you really think Parker believes that Facebook has become boring or do you believe he just trying to make his own service Airtime look exciting at it’s time of launch? Will Airtime become a great success or just a variation of Skype?


5 thoughts on “Is Facebook becoming a bore?

  1. I could definitely see Facebook becoming stale. For me, I often use it as a kind of intranet for family and friends – so that I can check in with people. Are there substitutes for this? Sure – so Facebook will need to create some value-add to keep users engaged.

  2. Airtime’s first public showing, which was filled with celebrities such as Jim Carrey and Alicia Keys was also filled with a lot of technical problems. In fact, CNET wrote about Parker “To launch his new start-up, Sean Parker should have spent less of his billions on celebrity guests and more of it fixing his technology.”

    While this first failed attempt does not mean that Airtime won’t be a success, I feel that Sean Parker should not be so critical about other social media outlets until he is able to successfully launch the one he is currently promoting.

    Airtime reminds me of Chatroulette which is an online chat website that pairs strangers together for a webcam conversation., Chatroulette quickly got inappropriate and while Airtime allows you to chat with just your friends it also has the option to connect with people you want to know (whoever they might be and who knows what they will be doing on the other end of the chat screen).

  3. There was also a good profile of Sean Parker and Airtime this weekend on 60 minutes. I think the Airtime concept is interesting in that it adds another level of connection between users. I can’t see why he wouldn’t want to incorporate Airtime into sites like Facebook who already have a user base, especially since he still owns stock in the company.

    Facebook has become stale. Another annoyance is the poor quality/performance of the mobile app. The only interesting things on Facebook lately are instagram photos, and the novelty of that will soon pass.

  4. My immediate reaction to this article was to agree that Facebook is getting boring. I was already bored with Facebook last year, so I quit it. My only regret in quitting is that I miss out on an easy means of keeping contacting my closest friends (and calling, or even writing an email, these days is just too much work) or of being informed about event inventations from my broader social circle. Other than that, I don’t feel that Facebook has added anything new and innovative recently that would justifiy my return.

    Other than being a video chat service, Airtime differes from Facbook in that Facebook is a more asynchronous form of communication. My opinion is that there is too much of that these days and too little face-to-face contact. As I said above, it seems like people hardly call eachother socially anymore. Even when you’re with others, they spend a portion of the time looking at their phones texting, checking tweets or facebook status updates. It’s as if people are forgetting how to talk to one another directly. To me, Airtime isn’t anything new and groundbreaking, but I believe it restores an elment to communications online that has been lost, which, to me, makes it interesting.

  5. I think that Facebook will stay relevant and exciting to the majority of people, as long as there is no alternatives that measures up. It is easy to get bored with anything, but with continued innovation and redesigned Facebook can keep your interest.

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