The Future of Social Media: Crush IQ CEO Tim Moore – The Washington Times Communities

I choose this article, because it ask interesting and forward thinking questions, such as where will companies be if they do not embrace social media.  Many companies are on different sides of the fence when it comes to social media.  Some companies embrace the use of social media to build, and enhance their brand and brand name.  While other companies do not allow social media in their inner circle all together.  For example, some companies band employees from using social media tools, while other companies embrace the potential to increase of employee morale with the use of the new technology in the work place.

Social media is a new and innovative tool, that is beneficial to both consumers and corporations if used correctly.  The article made an interesting observation, as we move into 2013 and  beyond, companies will need to decide if they want to embrace this technological change in the way we do business today, (communication and interpersonal skills with our consumers) or risk extinction (failure).  With anything new, there are positive and negative reactions.  For example, the computers wasn’t well received by all in the beginning.  In fact, at my current job there are people who print out all their emails, dating back to the early 1990’s.  One of my co-workers with over 35 years with the same company  stated “…just in case the computers stop working, I will have all my emails to be used as a reference.”

Class Questions:

1. How will those “old school” consumers/employees interact with social media, when there is a predetermine factor of lack of trust and potential security issues?

2. If social media continues to grow, as the article stated “exponentially”, and non-social media usage companies become extinct (fail), what effect will that have on the economic recovery of the United States.



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